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Earth-Speak Sanctuary

Why animals?

    What better way to reach out to a child than with an animal?

 Why THESE animals??

It’s a win/win situation for the kids & the animals… 

Presenting a family of animals such as ours, with their uniqueness, geographical diversity, fascinating beauty, & stories of rescue, allows us to utilize a child’s innate sense of wonder to teach such concepts as: Repercussive effect, pride of ownership, & self-esteem, & also integrate classroom studies such as geography, science, language, math, & conservation.

All while also teaching about responsible pet ownership, how to make a responsible choice when purchasing a pet, & a “buyer beware” education that teaches children that not everyone that is selling a pet is upfront & honest about the commitment involved with keeping a certain pet healthy & happy. 




Our versatility sets us apart…

Because we are a privately run facility, we are not confined to any one, pre-outlined or pre-fabricated structure or curriculum. We get to make or break all of our own rules. Meaning, that any & all presentations & field trips can be custom tailored to fit any age group or level of education or work around the current chapter of study of any given class.


Many of the animals at Earth Speak Sanctuary are unique and rare

Coatimundi Kangaroo 2-toed Sloth
Our onsite field trips offer rare opportunities to see such things as:

A Sloth eat her lunch, Lemurs Leaping, Ostrich and Emu up close, & the truly rare Spring Hare &, of course, Atticus – North Carolinas’s premier Lesser Anteater!

We have over a decade of experience working with exotic species and domestic pets

“Tell me & I might forget

Show me & I might remember

Involve me & I will understand” 

The hands-on, intimate interaction that is the hallmark of the Animal Ed.venture’s experience, offers something children can really hold onto

More than just a picture in a book – Australia becomes a real place with real wonders just waiting to be discovered
Or the Amazon Rain forest is brought to life before their eyes…


The island of Madagascar becomes more than just a Disney movie…


It’s all about the amazing animals… 

Yes! For us it IS all about the amazing animals – most of the time – but after that it becomes something even more amazing

…a vision of wonder...

...A vision of learning…





…a vision of laughter...

…a vision of peace...

With the state of affairs in today’s world, life can often be a scary place for many of today’s youth.

We have a vision of feeding that spark within every child that we can reach to help them realize, “ I have the power to make a difference in this big huge world” 

We think everyone, our children & adults alike, could use dose of that innocent, rejuvenating, awesome feeling that accompanies a moment of sheer, wide-eyed wonder… 

Animal Ed.ventures
"Offering an education in exotics for the young & young at heart"



“For in the end we will conserve only what we love, 
  We will love only what we understand,
  We will understand only what we are taught…” 
                                                                                       Baba Dioum



*our rescued population is growing every year and is supported by the generous donations of many people throughout the community. If you would like to contribute to the sanctuary we provide for unwanted or neglected exotic pets please see our Donations page




Available Adoptions


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Available Adoptions