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Earth-Speak Sanctuary

is not just an animal exhibit or a traveling zoo...

Voted Harnett County's best sanctuary 2017!



We are on a mission to help heal the world one wide-eyed wonder moment at a time.


At Animal Ed.ventures’ Earth-Speak Sanctuary we are all about engendering a respectful, compassionate and harmonic relationship with Each Other as well as the Natural World and her amazing creatures.

 We have high hopes for the long-term preservation of our remarkable planet, her breathtaking habitats, stunning species, and awe-inspiring ability to support the Natural Order of all of it.

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit facility situated in the beautiful outskirts of Coats NC

Available Adoptions

For almost 2 decades we’ve been driven by the dream of creating a place of peace and respite for all who cross our threshold.

From our USDA licensed educational program to our ongoing rescue efforts*, we have the ability to provide an enriching and enlightening experience for people of all ages. 

While here, we encourage you to ponder the ethical questions of keeping wildlife as pets and what it truly means to make RESPONSIBLE choices when considering what species are appropriate for The Many, The Some, The Few, or not at all...

Even little people are engaged and enchanted with our kid-friendly, people-loving family of rescued dogs and cats that roam the property (tested and approved and guaranteed to give love and light!)

Betsey The sloth and Atticus, the Lesser Anteater, PLUS many other ambassadors representing 6 of the seven continents, are sure to give you something to love!

Check out our Animal Ambassadors page for details on the many wonderful animals that are housed here.

"Up close and personal" is the hallmark of the Animal Ed.ventures experience. An experience that generates fun, laughs, and Wide-eyed wonder, that you won't soon forget.

Family Visits

With the exception of our special events we are open (Winter Hours) Thursday thru Sunday, 11-4pm
You can choose a casual walk-through with your family or you may choose the "In the Scenes" VIP Tour"

("In the Scenes" tours are recommended for ages 15 to adult and are by pre-booked appointments only)

Gate costs are a tax-deductable donation. All donations go directly to feed, housing and vet care for our beautiful family of animals.
Adults $10.00 Children $8.00
2 and under are free

IN THE SCENES $50 per person
Fully guided - feed the Sloth! *
Hold hands with the Monkey! *
Selfies with the Serval!
**These encounters are available a la carte with your walk-through tours as well and can be added anytime during your visit (information available in the gift shop)

(910) 897-1555




* our rescued population is growing every year and is supported by the generous donations of many people throughout the community. If you would like to contribute to the sanctuary we provide for unwanted or neglected exotic pets please see our Donations page



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Available Adoptions