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Animal Ed.ventures

is more than just an animal exhibit or another traveling zoo...


We are on a mission to help heal the world one wide-eyed wonder moment at a time.


At Animal Ed.ventures we are all about sharing the enjoyment and wonder of the animal kingdom. We are a not for profit facility situated in the beautiful Bull Mountains of Montana.

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From our USDA licensed educational program to our ongoing rescue efforts*, we have the ability to provide an enriching educational experience for people of all ages. Gaining an appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of each species and the habitats they come from is all just part of the fun!


Featuring Phoebe, Montana's only Lesser Anteater, PLUS many other exotic animal ambassadors representing 6 of the seven continents, we have something for everyone!

Whether you like 'em fuzzy and furry, or feathered or scaled, our ambassadors to the wild world are sure to excite and delight.

Animal Ed.ventures is a great way to GO WILD at your next party or educational event!

Check out our Animal Ambassadors page for details on the many wonderful animals that are housed here.

"Up close and personal" is the hallmark of the Animal Ed.ventures experience. An experience that generates fun, laughs, and Wide-eyed wonder, that you won't soon forget.

So give us a call and arrange to come and visit or let us bring the "Wild Side" of the world to your party, event, or school today!

(406) 323-3291




*our rescued population is growing every year and is supported by the generous donations of many people throughout the community. If you would like to contribute to the sanctuary we provide for unwanted or neglected exotic pets please see our Donations page



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Available Adoptions

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